In order to provide non-waiting services, reservations are required

You can make reservations on a work day:

Winter time

Mon – Saturday 9:00 – 19:00

Summer time

Mon – Saturday 9:00 – 21:00

Tel: +385 95 8588 735
Tel: +385 91 781 7967

If you book an appointment at the desired time, we will keep vacancy. In case you do not have a reservation, we will ask you to wait for the free term to be released, but we can not fully guarantee it.

Booking instructions

In case of phone bookings, please give us the following information:
– your name and surname,
– the time of arrival and departure,
– number of persons.


We kindly ask that in case you can not reach the agreed time, you will call us and free the seat of those who were unable to make a reservation in a timely manner.

    Select the desired date and type of service

    Information for all of us who visit us for the first time – Please emphasize that you are the first time in our house.

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